Unbelievable. That’s really all I can say. Maybe he really is the golden child. I just can’t understand how he does this time after time. He was struggling the entire final round, minus the first couple holes, yet he still finds a way to pull it out. I mean really the only thing he did well the final 9 was make that birdie putt on 15 and he thought he missed it. The early walk is never a good sign unless you’re Tiger pointing it in the hole at Valhalla. Spieth has some of Tiger’s magic where he just seems to get the ball into the hole. He isn’t the best ball striker, he doesn’t absolutely smash the ball, you could even say he has the wiggles with the short putts (I refuse to say the Y word), but god damn he just knows how to score. And how about his best friend, JT calling that he was gonna hole that bunker shot. Never a doubt that was gonna go in. The best part of the whole tourney was the celebration. Might be one of the best conducted golf celebrations ever. Usually us uncoordinated golfers can’t even high five, let alone have a perfectly choreographed club/rake throw into the running chest bump. Amazing. 

Daniel Berger is the other huge take away. Kid won two weeks ago and just made a great run on Sunday to get into the playoff. He’s got that goofy, laid off swing that is so ugly that it’s beautiful. He just competes and is becoming one of my favorite guys to watch on tour. I heard a story that when he was like 14 he used to work at Dye Preserve, a nice course down in Florida where a lot of tour guys play out of. He used to go up to the guys on the range and take money off of them. This is when he was 14! If he knows he can beat Tour guys at 14 how much confidence do you think he has about his game right now. Easily one of my favorite guys on tour.*

We can also talk about how bad Day is (I really don’t want to because I really don’t like him) and how Rory consistently leads everyone in ball striking but putts like he’s having a stroke. It’s unbelievable he just has to hit 17 greens a round and maybe he will win a tourney, maybe is the big word there. He just needs to go back to a Scotty and he starts winning again. Mark my words. 

*Also contributing to that is he packs massive hogs and has a sponsorship with Teens Against Cancer. Probably been packing lips since he was 12 but just trying to get that sponsor money however he can. 

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