Basketball Players Golf

Golf has long been the game of choice of other pro sports athletes especially in the off-season. Or the day of the game if you’re a NY Met. Today J.R. Smith is teeing it up with Rickie Fowler in the Quicken Loans Pro-Am thus making Rick a mortal lock to win this week. 

In bigger news, two-time MVP Stephen Curry received a sponsor exemption for a event in August. This immediately caught fire on golf Twitter because it theoretically takes away a spot from an aspiring pro golfer who’s been grinding his ass off on mini tours. While this is true, I would argue the sponsor’s exemption should be used to boost the profile of said tournament which is most certainly will. Curry is obviously not a pro golfer but I don’t think he’d sign up for something of this magnitude if he wasn’t planning on putting in the work to prepare. Now I definitely don’t think he’ll even come close to making the cut but he’s not going to embarrass himself either. 

I can get both sides of this argument but the kicker for me is that every one is talking about a event that is two months away and will most definitely be on SportsCenter that weekend. So isn’t this sponsor exemption kinda worth it already?

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