Too much salt in the Curry

A lot of people are mad online about Steph getting in a event. Is he taking someone’s spot who is more deserving? Absolutely. Does it really matter at the end of the day? No, not really. We get it, it’s taking away money and a spot from a struggling mini tour guy, maybe, but if you want to play in the event then play better. 

Golf is one of the only sports where it’s easy to tell who’s better than someone else. You can argue who’s the better basketball player between Lebron and Durant all you want, but there’s no real way to tell. Golf is all about numbers, if you want to play in events instead of Steph then shoot better scores. You can still Monday qualify, just go out and shoot 64 and you’re in. They’re just trying to sell tickets, there’s no need to be salty over Steph or this event inviting him to play. 

PS – The title was supposed to be a pun but it ended up not being funny but I can’t think of a better one so there you go

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