Did Spencer Levin just Become My Favorite Golfer?


I don’t know what it is about him, maybe it’s the fact that he acts exactly like I do. Overreacting to every golf shot, no matter how good or bad it is. He leaves it all out there and really doesn’t care what he says or does. There are so many moments from the past couple of days that just make him amazing. Spencer lipping out that put on 18 to get it into the Open was heartbreaking. Obviously he wasn’t thinking about that, he was probably thinking about the fact that it just cost him close to $100 Gs. There are so many videos from this week that have been tweeted out, I’ll try to put them at the bottom (note: I’m terrible at technology so I’ll most likely fuck it up, but oh well).  Close to my favorite story about him this week is so simple yet amazing. He’s casually in the second to last group today and he tees it up on the 1st, only to realize he still has his phone in his back pocket. If you told me he had a pack of smokes back there it would be more believable than a phone. Honestly kinda surprising he has a phone to begin with. He’s definitely the kind of guy who still has a flip phone just to text some girls and that’s it. Really hoping he plays well the rest of the year, I will definitely be keeping tabs. 




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